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Bridging gaps within the realm of feasibility

You are using some (probably closed source) software and desperately wish for a particular feature to be implemented, but nobody listens and you feel like a dog left out in the rain? We are Rain-Fighters and might be able to help you.


Whenever we are able to help, we will publish our solution as Open Source licensed under GPL 3.0 on GitHub. You will never have to pay for any libreware/rain-fighters product, but you will have the Liberty to pay for it (throw some money to the creators). Any such voluntary payment is a tip and not a donation. It’s income for the creators and taxes apply. We take pride in paying our taxes but hate how complicated tax legislation sometimes is.


Privacy and Liberty go hand in hand. If you want to contact us, feel free to do so. We will never abuse the fact that you install our software or visit our web site(s), to contact you or to even spread/sell any information about you, unless you explicitly ask for it. We use Google Analytics and Google Search (SEO) to figure out how many people are interested in what we do, where they come from and how much they engage (so-called “conversion” == bullshit-bingo-phrase for “buy and not only look”).